Air Mist S07 For Rose Dream 50ml elegant, graceful room spray


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Create a cosy atmosphere with our room spray whenever you want. The fragrances are available from 9 types of supplement air series. Supplement air series is designed for certain times and situations in your daily routine. Whether you wake up, work, rest or sleep, these natural room scents will inspire you in your everyday life. Volume: 50ml / Ingredients: 100% pure natural essential oils, Purified water, Solvent


The elegant and graceful perfume of roses improves the quality of your sleep

Ingredients: Rose, Palmarosa, Nerolina, Geranium, Bergamot, etc.

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  • Avoid sunlight and store in a cool place.
  • Avoid using or storing near fire.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Do not drink the oil and do not apply directly onto the skin.
  • Securely fasten the cap after each use. Once opened use within a year of purchase date.
  • If spilled, wipe immediately as it may damage or discolor surfaces. If spilled, wipe immediately as it may damage or discolor surfaces.
  • If the oil comes directly in contact with eyes, rinse eyes thoroughly with water. Seek immediate medical attention.
  • If you are concerned about your physical condition, such as allergies and chemical sensitivities, consult a health care practitioner before use.
  • Stop using immediately, if you get serious ill during use.
  • Our essential oils are from natural ingredients. The scent and the color may vary due to the origin environment.


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