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This fragrance diffuser set consists of a felt part (in the shape of a sheep) made of natural wool and the matching holder. Enjoy the pleasant scent that unfolds from the sheep-shaped wool felt. Sleep Sheep series is designed to significantly improve your sleeping environment.

Instruction 1. Remove the felt head from the holder and turn an oil bottle without cap into it. 2. Put the felt head back on the holder. The tube, which is in the felt part, fits exactly into the dropper of the oil bottle. 3. Turn the diffuser upside down then wait 2-3 seconds or shake it gently 3 times to let the oil drip onto the felt part (about 3-5 drops of essential oil). *Essential oils are sold separately. *The duration of diffusion depends on the oil used, the location and the temperature. *Add more drops when the scent fades. *Felting wool may deform or shrink should it be washed. *This diffuser is designed for @aroma essential oils.

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  • Do not use the product for any purpose other than room scenting.
  • Keep away from children.
  • Avoid direct skin contact with the felt during use.


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