Tokoname Vase


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The aroma branch diffuser gently emits the scent by absorbing the aroma oil through branches. From public to private spaces, you can use it in various scents. Customize as you like, by choosing vase, branch, and aroma oil. Made by one of the six biggest and oldest kilns in Japan, the exquisite texture of Tokoname will harmonize beautifully with any interior. Please use with *aroma branch and *branch & stick diffuser aroma oil. *Sold separately

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Vase TOKONAME Size: Height 225 mm × Diameter 130 mm Weight: 1.3 kg Material: Tokoname Capacity: 9 to 12 Branches *To enjoy fresh aroma all the time, we recommend that you pour in the oil gradually at regular intervals.

Estimation of diffusion range and oil consumption 5 branches 10㎡ – 13㎡ (Approx. 200ml/month) 12 branches 17㎡ – 20㎡ (Approx. 450ml/month) *Consumption varies depending of the type and amount of aroma oil, the thickness and quantity of branches, and the environment. *To enjoy fresh aroma continually, we recommend that you pour the oil little by little at regular intervals.


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